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The use of product images in planograms gives major benefits –

  • Brings a planogram to life and makes it more meaningful
  • Enables brand and other visual blocking to be more visible
  • Images help in sense checking product dimensions and orientation in the planogram
  • When issued to store merchandisers pictorial planograms aid compliance

Images are very easy to use because they reside in their own library and link to the product in the space planning software and can be used as many times as required.

JDH Solutions generally produce images as .png (portable notebook graphic) files (with transparent background) or as .jpg files for squared items but we can also produce the older Targa format if required – space planning images are then supplied in the standard .1, .2 etc format.

Clients using our imaging services also receive the complimentary images which are cut out or cropped and supplied in formats usable in Powerpoint or the Internet etc.

To capture images a product sample is required – clients may send samples or we provide a shopping service to locate products.

All imaging and capture of product vital statistics is carried out in our own studio by JDH staff.


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Recent News

  • Image Database Size We are currently maintaining in excess of 150,000 Space Planning Images for our customers.


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